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NITEHAWK POWERSPORTS is an authorized dealer for all manufacturers that we carry. We sell parts and accessories for all of our vehicles and trailers, including cosmetic accessories, batteries, and more. We have a full-service repair center at our facility in Philipsburg, Pennsylvania, where we perform all of the repairs, replace parts and complete warranty work for our customers. Contact us today with any questions.

2020 Express L4 Lithium Ion

(seafoam green)

2020 48 Volt Valor

(Black/tan seats)

2020 Express L4 Gas

(seafoam green)

2020 48 Volt Valor

(red/black seats)

2021 EX1 Valor gas

(Electric Blue/Tan seats)

2021 EX1 Valor gas

(Electric Blue/black seats)

2021 EX1 Valor gas

(Platinum/black seats)


When you need to transport vehicles and heavy loads, visit us for a well-built, heavy-duty trailer. We carry an assortment of CARGOMAXXX Aluminum Trailers, and Pace American trailers, including trailers for ATVs, custom trailers, and enclosed car trailers. Both brands are recognized names that have been around in the industry for a long time. We have open and closed models with many sizes available, including 4′ x 6′ up to 8½’ x 40′ and everything in between.

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